Blom Tandwielen: powered by Bierens, passion for gears

All professional knowledge about gears and gearboxes at Bierens Group is secured and collected under one roof.

Blom Tandwielen (formerly Blom Amsterdam) has been founded in 1918 in Haarlem. The machine factory focused on the production of a variety of gears, gearboxes, worm wheels, axles, keyways, tooth racks, cranes and other drive elements. Blom Amsterdam produced and revised for many sectors of the industry, machine factories, repair companies, etc.
Some years ago, Blom was included into the Bierens Group and moved from Nieuw-Vennep to Tilburg, the hometown of Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V. Besides innovations in the field of drives and custom-made gear production we also revise gearboxes which were supplied in the past by Blom or other gear producers.

Over the decades the specialism in gearboxes and gears, with own design and production facilities, has grown in such a way that Bierens Group has become the market leader in this field.
The accuracy of the Bierens gears is that high (DIN-class 1 to 4) that the gears no longer need to be individually adapted to each other. These gears we produce with nearly limitless possibilities regarding shape and module. That is why you will find the Bierens gears in the highest demanding industrial applications. Do you want to learn more about gears and gearboxes? Visit